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WAVES the next big thing in Crypto

WAVES the next big thing in Crypto

This year I have made a revenue of over 800% by converting my Bitcoins to Ethereum at a price of 1.3 ETHEUR. I strongly felt that 2016 will be the year of Cryptocurrency and especially Ethereum.

However, there is a new player coming up very very strong: WAVES.

What is WAVES?

WAVES is a Blockchain-powered customizable tokens platform

Kickstart your projects right on the blockchain. Create your own custom tokens which can be transferred, swapped, and traded on our integrated decentralized exchange.

I got into WAVES during the ICO and it did not do great at first, the price dropped fast from 0.0004 BTC on June 20th 2016 to below 0.00024 BTC but I decided to keep my WAVES.
The reason I did this is that WAVES was still under development and in June 2016 WAVES was basically just a concept and a minimal chrome app based wallet.

I was patient and rewarded!

As of today, 24th October 2016 WAVES hit above 0.0005 BTC! It is pretty amazing and there is a lot more to come.

In about 10 day WAVES will have a Full Node, this means that the current WAVES platform is still beta.

See the WAVES chart for yourself here:

How to get WAVES

For now the only place to buy WAVES is Have a look and make your choice to get in fast with WAVES.

Interview with the WAVES Founder and CEO: Sasha Ivanov

For more details listen to this great interview from Core Media Radio with Sasha Ivanov, Founder and CEO of WAVES

Sasha Ivanov joins us to tell us about Full Nodes and what they will include, fiat gateways, crowdfunding partners onboarding, Incent, latest tech paper, and much more. Loots from brings you the fire on waves and this burning dragon keeps rising. Find out more about waves here

Great thoughts from WAVES investor BTCKYLE

WAVES Platform - Update #2 - Where Are We Heading?

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